Outside Dark Doors

I came across this beautiful poem on a wonderful blog called Seeking Sincerity. Just what I needed right now. ❤️ There are some fantastic posts on there, do pop over and subscribe!

Seeking Sincerity


Just like after every night
Comes the day with it’s sunlight
Outside every dark door
Awaits something bright
You may not see it at first
But you gotta believe
That it’s there
Waiting to be discovered
You’d have to walk miles
Overturn stones
Or swim against the current
But in the end it will all be worth it
Because you will find what you seek.


In life we are faced with many situations which cannot be avoided; some easy, others difficult. I think of these situations like closed doors. We won’t know what’s behind them unless we open them. But, these doors cannot be left unopened. The only way out is through them.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves. We’re afraid to even try. Will I be able to do it? What if I can’t? Thoughts like these make the situation appear more overwhelming than it really is. We might…

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